Alt Code Shortcuts for Computer User Interface Symbols

Nowadays the communication language is changing. It is an old fashion to write everything clearly. From youngsters to elders everyone is using symbols and shortcuts one daily basis. This trend was started in chat slangs with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But it is very common to use the symbols in formal documents, especially on PowerPoint presentations.

We have already explained more than 600+ alt code shortcuts for Windows and option key shortcuts for Mac. In this article, let us show your 200+ alt code shortcuts for inserting computer user interface symbols on your Windows based documents.

We have checked all these shortcuts in Windows 10 platform on Microsoft Word and Excel 2016 version. If you see some of the interface symbols are not working on your document then try to change the font family. Remember, these symbols are similar to any other text content on your documents, hence you can increase or decrease font size and apply colors on them.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Computer User Interface Symbols

Use the search box to filter the symbols. For example, enter keyboard or mouse to filter relevant symbols. The first column indicates ‘Alt + Key’ shortcuts. You should hold one of the alt keys on your keyboard and enter the numbers using numeric pad. You can do this on all the Windows based documents but you should have a separate number pad on the keyboard.

The second column ‘Alt + X’ indicates the shortcuts for Microsoft Word. Enter the hexadecimal code and then press one of the alt keys and X to convert the hex code to a symbol.

Alt + KeyAlt + XSymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 8507213BFax Sign
Alt + 867821E6Back Or Left Arrow
Alt + 867921E7Level Up or Shift Key Apple Keyboard
Alt + 868021E8Right Or Forward Arrow
Alt + 868121E9Down Or Level Down
Alt + 89842318Apple Keyboard Command Key
Alt + 8987231BHourglass Or Processing Symbol
Alt + 89972325Option or Alt Key in Apple Keyboard
Alt + 89982326Delete To Right Key
Alt + 90002328Keyboard
Alt + 9003232BDelete To Left Key
Alt + 90882380Insert Text
Alt + 90892381Continuous Underline
Alt + 90902382Discontinuous Underline
Alt + 90952387Alternative Key
Alt + 9100238CUndo
Alt + 91112397Go To Previous Page
Alt + 91122398Go To Next Page
Alt + 91132399Printing
Alt + 916623CEEnter Or Return Key
Alt + 916723CFEject Connected Drive Or Media
Alt + 919323E9Fast Forward Media
Alt + 919423EARewind Media
Alt + 919723EDGo To The Last Media Or File
Alt + 919823EEGo To The First Media Or File
Alt + 919923EFToggle Play Or Pause
Alt + 920023F0Alarm Clock
Alt + 920123F1Stopwatch
Alt + 920523F5Play Media
Alt + 920823F8Pause Media
Alt + 920923F9Stop Playing Media
Alt + 921023FARecord Media
Alt + 97282600Increase Brightness
Alt + 97292601Cloud Storage
Alt + 97462612Close
Alt + 9850267ARecycle
Alt + 9851267BRecycle
Alt + 98742692Tools Or Settings
Alt + 98752693Anchor Link
Alt + 98812699Gear Or Settings Or Options
Alt + 994026D4No Entry Or Stop Symbol
Alt + 996526EDGear Or Settings Or Options
Alt + 996526EDBrightness
Alt + 111182B6EUndo
Alt + 111192B6FRedo
Alt + 111342B7ETab Key
Alt + 111352B7F⭿Vertical Tab
Alt + 1277601F310🌐Web
Alt + 1277691F319🌙Sleep Or Do Not Disturb Mode
Alt + 1278941F396🎖Medal Or Leaderboard
Alt + 1278981F39A🎚Volume Adjustment
Alt + 1279081F3A4🎤Microphone
Alt + 1279111F3A7🎧Headphone
Alt + 1279121F3A8🎨Paint
Alt + 1279421F3C6🏆Winner Cup
Alt + 1279681F3E0🏠Home
Alt + 1279881F3F4🏴Flag
Alt + 1279911F3F7🏷Label
Alt + 1280651F441👁Visible
Alt + 1281061F46A👪Family Rating
Alt + 1281611F4A1💡Tips
Alt + 1281641F4A4💤Sleeping Symbol
Alt + 1281731F4AD💭Thought Baloon
Alt + 1281761F4B0💰Money
Alt + 1281771F4B1💱Currency Convertor
Alt + 1281781F4B2💲Dollar
Alt + 1281871F4BB💻Modern Personal Computer
Alt + 1281901F4BE💾Floppy Disk
Alt + 1281911F4BF💿Optical Disc
Alt + 1281921F4C0📀Dvd
Alt + 1281931F4C1📁Black Folder
Alt + 1281971F4C5📅Calendar
Alt + 1281981F4C6📆Tear-Off Calendar
Alt + 1282001F4C8📈Upward Chart
Alt + 1282011F4C9📉Downward Chart
Alt + 1282021F4CA📊Bar Chart
Alt + 1282031F4CB📋Notepad
Alt + 1282041F4CC📌Pushpin Right
Alt + 1282051F4CD📍Rounded Head Pushpin
Alt + 1282061F4CE📎Paperclip
Alt + 1282111F4D3📓Spiral Notepad
Alt + 1282141F4D6📖Open Book
Alt + 1282231F4DF📟Pager
Alt + 1282241F4E0📠Fax Machine
Alt + 1282261F4E2📢Announcement
Alt + 1282281F4E4📤Upload
Alt + 1282291F4E5📥Download
Alt + 1282311F4E7📧Email Symbol
Alt + 1282321F4E8📨Incoming Email
Alt + 1282331F4E9📩Eamil Delivery
Alt + 1282411F4F1📱Mobilephone
Alt + 1282421F4F2📲Incoming Call
Alt + 1282431F4F3📳Mobilephone Vibration Mode
Alt + 1282441F4F4📴Switch Off Mobilephone
Alt + 1282451F4F5📵No Mobilephone Allowed
Alt + 1282461F4F6📶Cellular Signal
Alt + 1282491F4F9📹Video
Alt + 1282501F4FA📺Tv
Alt + 1282511F4FB📻Radio
Alt + 1282521F4FC📼Videocassette
Alt + 1282531F4FD📽File Or Movie
Alt + 1282541F4FE📾Stero
Alt + 1282561F500🔀Shuffle
Alt + 1282581F502🔂Repeat Media One Time
Alt + 1282601F504🔄Refresh Page Or Folder (F5 Key)
Alt + 1282621F506🔆Decrease Brightness
Alt + 1282631F507🔇Mute
Alt + 1282641F508🔈Left Speaker
Alt + 1282651F509🔉Speaker With One Sound Wave
Alt + 1282661F50A🔊Speaker Icon With Three Sound Waves
Alt + 1282671F50B🔋Battery
Alt + 1282681F50C🔌Plug
Alt + 1282691F50D🔍Magnifying Lens Or Search
Alt + 1282721F510🔐Password Lock
Alt + 1282731F511🔑Password Or Key
Alt + 1282741F512🔒Lock Pad
Alt + 1282751F513🔓Unlock
Alt + 1282761F514🔔Notification
Alt + 1282771F515🔕Mute Notifications
Alt + 1282781F516🔖Bookmark
Alt + 1282791F517🔗Link
Alt + 1282801F518🔘Radio Button
Alt + 1282811F519🔙Back With Leftwards Arrow Above
Alt + 1282821F51A🔚End With Leftwards Arrow Above
Alt + 1282831F51B🔛On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above
Alt + 1282841F51C🔜Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above
Alt + 1282851F51D🔝Top With Upwards Arrow Above
Alt + 1282861F51E🔞Under Eighteen Not Allowed
Alt + 1282881F520🔠Input Symbol For Latin Capital Letters
Alt + 1282891F521🔡Input Symbol For Latin Small Letters
Alt + 1282901F522🔢Input Symbol For Numbers
Alt + 1282911F523🔣Input Symbol For Symbols
Alt + 1282921F524🔤Capital Letters Input
Alt + 1282951F527🔧Tools
Alt + 1283601F568🕨Right Speaker
Alt + 1283621F56A🕪Right Speaker With Volume
Alt + 1283641F56C🕬Announcement Horn
Alt + 1283691F571🕱Danger Symbol
Alt + 1283701F572🕲No Piracy
Alt + 1283731F575🕵Black Hat
Alt + 1283751F577🕷Crawler Or Spider
Alt + 1283761F578🕸Web Or Internet
Alt + 1283771F579🕹Joystick
Alt + 1283821F57E🕾While Telephone
Alt + 1283841F580🖀Black Telephone
Alt + 1283851F581🖁Clamshell Mobilephone
Alt + 1283881F584🖄Lightning Email
Alt + 1283911F587🖇Linked Paperclips
Alt + 1283921F588🖈Pushpin Left
Alt + 1283931F589🖉Pencil or Edit
Alt + 1283961F58C🖌Paintbrush
Alt + 1283971F58D🖍Crayon
Alt + 1284011F591🖑Five Fingers Tap
Alt + 1284041F594🖔Two Fingers Tap
Alt + 1284181F5A2🖢Single Finger Tap
Alt + 1284221F5A6🖦Keyboard With Mouse
Alt + 1284231F5A7🖧Network Of Computers
Alt + 1284241F5A8🖨Printer
Alt + 1284251F5A9🖩Calculator
Alt + 1284261F5AA🖪Black Floppy Disk
Alt + 1284301F5AE🖮Keyboard With Cable
Alt + 1284311F5AF🖯Mouse With Single Button
Alt + 1284321F5B0🖰Mouse With Two Buttons
Alt + 1284331F5B1🖱Mouse With Three Buttons
Alt + 1284351F5B3🖳Old Personal Computer
Alt + 1284361F5B4🖴Hard Disk
Alt + 1284371F5B5🖵Monitor
Alt + 1284391F5B7🖷Fax With Paper
Alt + 1284481F5C0🗀White Folder
Alt + 1284491F5C1🗁Open Folder
Alt + 1284501F5C2🗂Card Index Dividers
Alt + 1284511F5C3🗃Archive
Alt + 1284521F5C4🗄File Cabinet
Alt + 1284621F5CE🗎Document
Alt + 1284631F5CF🗏Document Page
Alt + 1284651F5D1🗑Trash Bin
Alt + 1284661F5D2🗒Spiral Notepad
Alt + 1284671F5D3🗓Spiral Calendar
Alt + 1284681F5D4🗔Desktop Window
Alt + 1284691F5D5🗕Minimize Window
Alt + 1284701F5D6🗖Maximize Window
Alt + 1284711F5D7🗗Overlapping Windows
Alt + 1284721F5D8🗘Refresh Page
Alt + 1284731F5D9🗙Close Window
Alt + 1284741F5DA🗚Increase Font Size
Alt + 1284751F5DB🗛Decrease Font Size
Alt + 1284761F5DC🗜Compression
Alt + 1284771F5DD🗝Key
Alt + 1284881F5E8🗨Left Speech Bubble
Alt + 1284891F5E9🗩Right Speech Bubble
Alt + 1284901F5EA🗪Chat
Alt + 1284911F5EB🗫Comments Or Forum Or Conference
Alt + 1284921F5EC🗬Left Thought Bubble
Alt + 1284931F5ED🗭Right Thought Bubble
Alt + 1284941F5EE🗮Shout Left
Alt + 1284951F5EF🗯Shout Right
Alt + 1286991F6BB🚻Restroom

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