8 Ways to Manage Tabs in Microsoft Edge Browser

When browsing the web, you may need to open different sites or pages of the same site in multiple tabs. Working with these multiple tabs at the same time can be confusing, and it is easy to lose track of certain tabs. Fortunately, Microsoft Edge browser provides several tools to help you organize and manage multiple tabs more efficiently. In this guide, we will walk you through how to manage tabs in Microsoft Edge to reduce clutter and enjoy a better browsing experience.

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1. Basic Tabs Management

Microsoft Edge offers a host of basic ways for managing tabs including, adding a new tab, closing tabs and navigating through open tabs among others.

  • To add a new tab, you can use the keyboard shortcut, “Ctrl + T” or click the plus “+” sign next to the last tab.
New Tab in Edge
New Tab in Edge
  • Click the “X” on the tab you want to close. Closing a single tab at a time can be tedious, so if want to close a group of tabs at once, right click on an appropriate tab and choose the “close tabs to the right” or “close other tabs”.
    • Close tabs to the right – Closes all open tabs to the right of the open tab.
    • Close other tabs – Closes all tabs apart from the selected tab.
Close Tabs
Close Tabs
  • You can also reorder the tabs. Simply, click and drag a tab to your preferred position.
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2. Pin / Unpin Tabs in Edge

If you have a site that you frequently visit, you may use the tab pinning feature in Edge to keep the site within your reach.

  • Open the tab you want to pin, right click it and select “Pin” from the context menu.
Pin Tab in Edge
Pin Tab in Edge
  • The browser adds the pinned tabs just before the other tabs where you only need to click to open the respective tabs.
Pinned Tabs in Edge
Pinned Tabs in Edge
  • To unpin a tab, right click and select “Unpin” from the menu.

3. Using Tabs Preview Tool

Another useful feature in Edge is the Tabs Preview, which allows you to see a thumbnail preview of your open tabs.

  • To preview a single tab, float your mouse over the tab to slide a thumbnail preview of the tab.
Single Preview Tab in Edge
Single Preview Tab in Edge
  • If you need to preview all your open tabs, click the down-facing arrow next to the last tab. This will display previews of open tabs you can click the thumbnail to open the tab in the main browser window.
  • Click the arrow to collapse the preview.
Multiple Preview
Multiple Preview

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4. Save Tabs for Later

If you are currently working on some of the open tabs, you can use the Edge “Set tab aside” feature to further organize your browser window. This tool allows you to save some of the tabs and restore them later when you need them.

  • Click on a tab and then click the “Set aside” icon located at the upper left corner of the browser.
Set Aside Tab in Edge
Set Aside Tab in Edge
  • This will remove the tabs from the current tabs, making it easy to work with only a few tabs.
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5. View and Restore Tabs

  • Click the icon on the upper-leftmost corner of the window to see all the set-aside tabs.
  • Click the “Restore tabs” link on the sidebar menu to open the tabs in the main window.
  • You can also share or add saved tabs to favorites. Click the 3-dot icon and select an option.
  • To remove tabs from the set-aside list, click the “X” icon.
Restore Tabs in Edge
Restore Tabs in Edge

6. Customize Tabs in Edge

Further, you can customize what opens when you launch Microsoft Edge browser, or when you open a new tab in the browser.

  • Press “Alt + X” shortcuts keys to open the browser menu and select “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Customize” section under the browser general settings.

7. Customize Launch Options

  • Click the arrow to expand the “Open Edge with” settings and pick a launch option.
  • If you want Edge to load multiple websites whenever you open the browser, select the specific page(s) option and use the “Add new page” link to add a page and click the save icon.
Launch Options in Edge
Launch Options in Edge

8. New Tab Settings

Moreover, you can customize the content that loads whenever you open a new tab in Edge.

  • Expand the “Open new tabs with” options, pick your preferred option among:
    • Blank page.
    • Top sites.
    • Top sites & suggested content.


Microsoft Edge browser gives users a range of tab tools and features to help them manage multiple tabs when surfing. These features allow you to set aside some tabs for later use, preview current tabs to avoid confusion when navigating across the tabs and other basic features. The above tools are very helpful when you need to open various sites or web pages and at the same time maintain an organised and clean browsing environment.

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  1. Most of these features went away with the Chromium version of Edge. I’d really like the down arrow to see all tabs in a window or an Edge equivalent of Chrome’s Quick Tab extension.

  2. I cannot find an extension or method of saving sessions in Edge. Is that not possible. For me, that is one of the most important features of a browser.

  3. There exists a function in Excel that allows a simultaneous adjustment of several tabs at once. I am trying to do the same thing in Edge to adjust the font size. Does such a thing exist?

    • Generally, font settings on the webpage is controlled by the website’s stylesheet. Even you change the font size on the browser, many sites will not follow that rule. What you can effectively do is to set the browser zoom size to show it big or small depending upon your screen.

  4. In edge when we have number tabs open and we open the link of first tab. the new tab related to link by first tab is open in the last of the tabs..how we can open link of the first tab very next to tab instead it opens in last?


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