5 Ways to Get Back to Blogging After a Long Break

After taking a well-earned break away from one’s blog, it is normal to face some issues while indulging in blogging again. Whether you left blogging for work, holidays or lack of ideas, you have to learn some strategies to make a strong comeback to blogging. No matter how much time you stay away from blogging, in this post we will share some techniques that will help you to restore your passion for writing.

Read the information shared in the below passage to get back to blogging after a long break.

1. Update Everything

If you have taken a long break then chances are high that your web hosting account or domain name might be expired. Make sure to create a list of all necessary things that you will need to update including domain hosting and name.

In case, you’re hosting plan and the domain name is still active, then ensure to update your theme and all plugins that you’re utilizing over your blog.

This way you will perfectly re-engage in a worthy activity in a hassle free manner.

2. Recycle Your Old Posts

This is the most effective way to set back to blogging after a long time. Consume some time to figure out old post or content, which you can reuse to recall your memories.

One of the best ways to recycle old content is to change it into a different form. For instance, you can make an infographics, video or presentation of your old content.

By doing this, you will not only revise your content but also revise your knowledge and skills.

3. Create a Blogging Schedule

Once you have updated your blog, do some efforts to create a blogging schedule. Your new schedule will help you to get back to blogging after a long time easily and effectively. This is because blogging requires a great proportion of time from your daily routine.

Blog Schedule

By having an appropriate schedule you will easily manage sufficient time for planning, research, writing, revising and marketing round of your blog post.

4. Develop a Comeback Post

The best way to get back to blogging world is by informing your comeback and sharing your experience of a long break to your subscribers. And the best way to do it is to create a short and interesting video that will cover all important aspect of your break.

Keep in mind to share the experience of your break and how much you miss your audience in your new post. Don’t forget to inform about your comeback, through your social media profiles, as it is the most effective source to share any hot news.

5. Come Up With New Ideas

It’s extremely important for bloggers to take a fresh start with unique ideas. There are various ways to come up with new ideas including networking with people, brainstorming, researching and reading books. Try to read something new on daily basis and meet with positive mind people to quickly come up with something great.

New Ideas

Furthermore, ensure to redesign your blog by updating the theme and images you use in the header. In this way, you will truly get the positive energy to run your blog after a long time.

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