5 Bootstrap Site Builders to Create Your Site or Theme

Bootstrap is one of the popular frontend framework which will allow you to create a decent webpage in few hours. But understanding the Bootstrap components, grid layouts and other functions need certain learning time. If you don’t want to spend time in learning then there are readymade Bootstrap site builders which will do the task for you. You can use these tools for building a theme or live site without much difficulties. In this article let us check the top 5 Bootstrap site builders to create your site or theme.

Top 5 Bootstrap Site Builders

  1. Mobirise
  2. Pinegrow
  3. LayoutIt!
  4. MDBootstrap
  5. Bootstrap Studio

1. Mobirise

Mobirise is a desktop app helps to build your site using Bootstrap framework. The basic app is free and available for both Windows and Mac.

Mobirise Bootstrap Site Builder

You can choose a Bootstrap 3 or Bootstrap 4 theme and drag and drop the reusable blocks built your site. Mobirise offers in app purchases to buy additional themes and functions like PayPal integration. The app can be used for building personal and commercial websites without any restrictions. Any purchases is valid and supported for a year, but you can get huge discount in extending the purchase with Mobirise.

2. Pinegrow

Pinegrow is a desktop site builder with apps available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Unlike Mobirise, Pinegrow is a premium app and meant for web designers. You can download the free trail version of Pinegrow before looking for purchasing the upgraded version. The premium versions are available starting from $39 and varies up to $200+ based on the license you need.

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Pinegrow Bootstrap Site Builder

You can provide the URL of any webpage to extract the content and modify to build your custom layout. You can also use predefined Bootstrap components to start building your site. Besides Bootstrap, the app also allows you to build static HTML pages, WordPress themes and Foundation framework.

3. LayoutIt!

LayoutIt is a free online Bootstrap 3 editor that allows you to built a site using default Bootstrap components. You can use grid systems, base CSS, components and JavaScript plugins to add different blocks like table, alerts, etc. Once the page is ready, download the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to local computer and start customizing further.

LayoutIt Bootstrap Editor

4. MDBootstrap

MDBootstrap combines the features of Google’s Material Design and Bootstrap to build a stunning websites. You can download the framework files containing custom and Bootstrap CSS and script files. Once you setup the site structure on your local computer then follow the tutorial on the site to start building HTML pages. The basic framework version is free and the upgrades are available for different types of licenses.

MD Bootstrap Site Builder

MDBootstrap also offers templates and Material Design for WordPress framework.

5. Bootstrap Studio

Bootstrap Studio is a premium desktop app for building Bootstrap websites easily. The app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The standard version costs $50 (always available for $25) with one year free upgrade. And the lifetime version costs $ 120 (always available for $ 60) with free upgrades for lifetime.

Bootstrap Studio Site Editor

You can drag and drop building blocks, create your own blocks or search in the online library to find relevant blocks for your site.

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Final Thought

LayoutIt is a very simple way to understand what Bootstrap means without much functionalities. Pinegrow and Bootstrap Studio are for full fledged developers while Mobirise and MDBootstrap are for users and freelancers.

Besides these Bootstrap site builders, there are so many free and paid version available. You should see two factors – one is whether the tool supports Bootstrap 4 version and the second is the license terms of usage.

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