3 Ways to Find Number of Pages on a Website

Sometimes you may be looking for finding number of pages on a website. It could be your own or someone’s website or even a competitor’s site that you wanted to check. If it is your own site, it is easy to find the number of pages by looking into your content management system. If the site is not yours then you may get approximate pages with some simple tricks. Here we will check out three ways to find number of pages on a website.

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How to Find Number of Pages on a Website?

  1. Using XML Sitemap of a webpage.
  2. Using “site:” Operator in Google Search.
  3. From Google Search Console (for your own site).

1. XML Sitemap

The XML Sitemap is the precise way to count the number if pages easily without much effort. Since the Sitemap is accessible to all users, you use this method for any website. Once you have the site URL, open the Sitemap on the browser using one of the below URLs:

http://sitename.com/sitemap.xml – For a site having single Sitemap.

http://sitename.com/sitemap_index.xml – For a site having multiple Sitemaps.

If the site uses advanced Sitemap plugins (like Yoast WordPress SEO) the count of URLs under each Sitemap will be shown.

Finding Number of Pages of Website in XML Sitemap
Finding Number of Pages of Website in XML Sitemap

If the count is not shown on the Sitemap then you may need to count manually either one by one or copy the XML to Excel sheet and count it. You can also use online Sitemap or broken link checker tools for this purpose when size of the site is smaller.

2. Using site: Operator

Open Google search and enter the below search query by replacing the site name with yours:


You will see the results like below with the number of indexed pages in Google. Though this may not be the actual count of webpages on a site, it gives an idea of number of indexed pages on Google.

Using site Operator in Google Search
Using site Operator in Google Search

3. Search Console

Similar to “site:” operator, Google Search Console has a option to see the total number of indexed pages on Google. But you need to be a verified owner of the site in order to use Search Console or the owner should invite you to access the data. Once in Search Console account, navigate to “Google Index > Index Status” menu to see the total number of indexed pages.

Total Indexed Pages of a Website in Google
Total Indexed Pages of a Website in Google

Total number of indexed pages on Google search and Search Console includes different types of pages on a site. For example, a single URL can be indexed via direct URL, category, tag, archives, etc. and result in appearing multiple times on search engines. You can also view the details of total submitted and indexed pages from the XML Sitemap submitted to Google under “Crawl > Sitemap” section of Search Console account.

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  1. Rather than finding how many pages are indexed by a search engine (ie: Google), you could run a script to traverse all links on the web site to identify how many unique pages are available on the site. This won’t work for dynamically changing content, but it would work for static sites or CMS sites (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) that have active links.

    • How and who will write such script for free? Sitemap will show all the pages unless site owner exclude. The idea is to understand the approximate number of pages, so that you can get an idea of how much effort required for creating that many pages.

  2. Those above suggestions are the pages that are INDEXED by google, and NOT equal to the actual pages the site have. There are tons of other pages that aren’t indexed by google, best is via hosting.

    • You can probably find the HTML pages uploaded in the server. But it is not easy to find number of pages from hosting server when you use content management systems like WordPress. Because all content will be stored in database tables. If there are different content types like product pages, then those will be in different tables compared to normal posts. So it is difficult to search on all tables to find the number of pages.

      It is also not necessary that all pages in XML Sitemap are indexed in Google. Unless, site owner choose noindex for individual pages, all pages should be part of XML Sitemap for counting perspective.


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