19 Warning Emoji Symbols You Can Type with Keyboard

Emojis are fun and you can use them in chat conversations to make the discussions cool. However, you can also use emoji symbols for different purposes. For example, you may be a teacher or trainer do not want people in the classroom to use cellphones. The simple way is to show “No Mobile phones” emoji 📵 on the starting slide or print and paste on the classroom wall. This makes the communication cool and reachable to all audience easily. The best part is you can use keyboard shortcuts or emoji panel to type these warning emoji symbols in Windows and Mac. And on smartphones, you have a dedicated emoji keyboard to search these symbols.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Warning Emoji Symbols

Here are the most commonly used warning emoji symbols with shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

EmojiNameWindows ShortcutWord ShortcutMac Shortcut
Warning signAlt + 988826A0 Alt + XOption + 26A0
High voltage signAlt + 988926A1 Alt + XOption + 26A1
BattlegroundAlt + 98762694 Alt + XOption + 2694
Skull and CrossbonesAlt + 97602620 Alt + XOption + 2620
Radioactive signAlt + 97622622 Alt + XOption + 2622
Biohazard signAlt + 97632623 Alt + XOption + 2623
No entryAlt + 994026D4 Alt + XOption + 26D4
🚫ProhibitedAlt + 1286831F6AB Alt + X 
💀SkullAlt + 1281281F480 Alt + X 
🚷No PedestriansAlt + 1286951F6B7 Alt + X 
🏗Building ConstructionAlt + 1279591F3D7 Alt + X 
🚧Construction SignAlt + 1286791F6A7 Alt + X 
🚯Do Not LitterAlt + 1286871F6AF Alt + X 
🚳No BicyclesAlt + 1286911F6B3 Alt + X 
🚱Non-potable WaterAlt + 1286891F6B1 Alt + X 
🔞No One Under EighteenAlt + 1282861F51E Alt + X 
📵No Mobile PhonesAlt + 1282451F4F5 Alt + X 
🚭No Smoking SignAlt + 1286851F6AD Alt + X 
🚸Children CrossingAlt + 1286961F6B8 Alt + X 

The blank cell for Mac indicates the keyboard shortcuts are not supported with option key. Read ahead to learn how to insert those symbols in Mac.

Typing Warning Emoji Symbols in Windows PC

There are three ways you can type these warning emoji symbols in Windows PC.

1. Using Alt Code Shortcuts

Hold one of the alt key on your keyboard and type the numbers using number pad. For example, alt + 128245 will produce the no mobile phones emoji like 📵. If you do not have separate number pad on your keyboard, learn here on how to use alt codes in different keyboard layouts.

2. Alt + X Shortcuts in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word in Windows PC will support the use of hexadecimal codes along with alt key. However, you have to type the code then press alt and X keys together. For example, 2620 and Alt + X will produce the skull and crossbones symbol like ☠.

3. Using Emoji Panel

If remembering the shortcuts is a difficult task for you then press “Win Logo + ;” keys in Windows 10 computers. This will open emoji panel where you can search and find the warning emoji symbols. You can either type the name of the symbol to filter or go to the particular category. Once inserted, you can easily find the symbol from the top favorites list.

Typing Warning Symbols in Mac

Similar to Windows, macOS allows you to insert warning emoji symbols in two ways.

1. Using Option Code Shortcuts in Mac

On Mac, you can find the alt keys with the name as option. You can use one of these option keys with hexadecimal numbers to type symbols. For example, press option key and then type 26D4 to make no entry symbol ⛔. However, you should first change the input source to Unicode Hex Input for this method to work.

2. Character Viewer

The problem with Mac is that it only supports 4 character hexadecimal codes with option code as a shortcut. As you can see in the above table, there are emojis having 5 character code which you can’t use in Mac. The alternate solution is to use Character Viewer app. Press, “Command + Control + Space” to open Character Viewer app. This is similar to Windows 10 emoji panel where you can search and find the warning emoji symbols. Either you can type the name of emoji in search box or go through the emoji section to find the result.

Warning Emoji Symbols in Mac Character Viewer
Warning Emoji Symbols in Mac Character Viewer

Typing Warning Emoji in Smartphones

Most of the smartphones will automatically suggest emoji when you type the names. However, you can also switch to emoji keyboard to find warning emoji symbols in iOS and Android.

Warning Emoji in HTML and CSS

If you are a developer, it is also possible to insert these warning symbols in web documents like HTML and CSS.

  • In HTML, use the decimal code in the format ☣ or use hexadecimal in the format ☣.
  • In CSS stylesheets, use the hexadecimal format like \2623; to insert the symbols.

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